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Our Technology

As a family dentist, Karl Lutes, DMD is committed to delivering patients in Crestview Hills, KY with the highest quality care and most comfortable treatment. Dr. Lutes has incorporated some of the latest dental technologies into his Crestview Hills dentist office in order to diagnose and treat common dental problems more easily.

Digital Dental X-rays

The American Dental Association recommends that healthy, non-pregnant adult patients have dental x-rays at least once per year. The ADA has also released statements, promoting the safety of modern dental x-ray equipment. Dr. Lutes feels that dental x-rays are a very important part of the pre-treatment planning, giving him the opportunity to see what is not easily visible to the naked eye.

Dr. Lutes follow strict safety guidelines for the use of our digital radiograph equipment. Our technology exposes patients to extremely low levels of radiation and produce a much clearer image of the patients teeth compared to conventional processed x-rays. In addition, the digital format allows x-rays to be easily stored and archived in the patient’s digital health file. When needed, a patient’s digital x-rays can be easily and quickly shared with other medical specialists.

Intra Oral Camera

The intraoral camera is an advanced camera that looks like a pen. The advantage of the intraoral camera is that it is small and easy to manipulate so it is comfortable for the patients. The intraoral camera allows Dr. Lutes to capture 360-degree images of your teeth and gums.

Images are captured and instantly sent to a computer for both the dentist and patient to see in detail.The intraoral camera also allows Dr. Lutes to zoom in on small areas of decay, hairline cracks, chips and worn fillings.

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